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  • By accepting you acknowledge having read the special regulations of Rally Algeria


In the case of cancellation of the race, for any reason, the liability of the organizers is limited to the restitution of the sums paid by the competitor to them. In the case of cancellation of his participation for any reason, the sums paid by the competitor to the organizer will be reimbursed on the basis of the total amount minus €100 before October 15, 2022, after this date the reimbursement will be 40% of paid sum until November 01, 2021, after this date there will be no refund. To be taken into account, your commitment request must be signed with the mention "read and approved". Your entry will only become final upon receipt of all entry fees. It must be accompanied by this fully completed form and proof of transfer. This contract is subject to the law. All disputes will, in the absence of an amicable solution, be brought before the Court.


*Please also attach a photocopy of the two inside pages of the passports of all registered persons, for issuance of an invitation letter from the Algerian Federation of Mechanical Sports. You can also return this form in written paper to: CHALLENGE SAHARI INTERNATIONAL -16 Passage Germinal 93200 Saint Denis – France

Banking information


Banc BNPARIBAS VILLE MAMBLE Titular CHALLENGE SAHARI INTERNATIONAL Account Number 00578 00010138570 15 IBAN FR7630004005780001013857015 BIC / SWIFT CODE BNPAFRPPXXX