For reservation, please send us an email with your name, first name, phone number, address, vehicles to be transported and the city of picking up to challengesahari@gmail. com 

Ferry transport

To purchase your boat tickets, once you have registered via website, the FASM will reserve your seat at the agency of the national passenger shipping company based in MARSEILLE. The costs of transport will be paid at this agency in order to benefit from the discount on the  transport rates.

The arrival is scheduled for the next day, October 19th, 2019 at 13:00 am in the port of Algiers. The participants will be accommodated in "Holiday-Inn" hotel where the technical and administrative control will be carried out.

On 21 October 2019, departure to  Biskra, i.e. 400 KM of path.

The participants who will arrive to ALGIERS or BiISKRA by plane are required to inform us in order to facilitate the administrative procedures. "See the programme "

The support of the participants (by the organizer) will take place from 19 October 2019.

Administrative formalities

Participants' passports must be valid for at least 06 months.

One passeport = One vehicle
Power of attorney

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Just like all previous editions, security and all health aspects will be managed by the Algerian National Gendarmerie, which has already distinguished itself by its great courtesy and professionalism as well as by the amazing deployment of tactical means that it has put in place in 2017 and 2018:

  • Two medical helicopters with medical personnel
  •  Six ambulances on the trail of each stage
  • A broom truck
  •  24/24 assistance at the bivouacs.
  • In the race and raid formula, it will be obligatory to use the beacons distributed by our partner Stella.
  • For the assistance and press vehicles, the same beacons will be compulsory.